Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Updates and Henna & Saturation

Hello, my Hennalistas!

I am so sorry for my mini hiatus! I've moved, had a baby, my boys have been sick, and I've started working again. My my, I never knew how hard it was to be dedicated to writing posts until now! I've also had a bit of trouble with my *NEW* laptop which...well doesn’t work! So I've resorted to using my ancient one that isn’t as efficient with downloaded and stuff.

I just had to post because I did nupur henna today and my hair hasn't felt this good in a while. As far as henna saturation goes, there are some things I'd like to discuss. For one, when doing a henna, keep in mind that you need at least 4 treatments for the henna to build on the strand before you will observe any results. This is true for the most part, but when I use nupur henna I can immediately feel that my strands are thicker.

Your hair is constantly growing so you need to use henna continuously to cover the new hair. I like to do a treatment at least every 2 weeks, sometimes sooner.

Henna is very permanent. With that said, once the ends of your hair have been completely
Saturated there really is no need to henna the ends. I do it anyway because it makes the hair feel great, plus it's easier to henna the entire head. The Nupur Henna brand had many other herbs in it that are beneficial to the hair.

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