Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Back!!!!!

It's been a very,  very long time since I've posted! So many things have changed, from being texlaxed, then to natural, and then doing a complete big chop by shaving my head bald! Many things in my personal life have changed as well, from moving to a new location, obtaining a new degree, and another possible move in the making.  
This time around I plan on  uploading my photos differently, so that they will not be deleted as in previous posts. Unfortunately, I lost much valuable footage when I transferred new phones a few years back, and everything associated with my blog was deleted- hence the missing photos.

This time I am back, somewhat textlaxed again, and ready to start my henna journey from scratch. I plan on doing posts that will help fill in some of  the missing two years I've been gone.  This blog will continue to be used as a diary of my hair experiences, from henna recipes, product reviews, and more,  that I  enjoy sharing and looking back on. Please feel free to join me :-)

 Healthy Hair Blessings!

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