Monday, December 6, 2010

Eucalyptus oil, my scalp, and Pregnancy

Ever since I started my hair journey 2 yrs ago, I sometimes  have an itchy scalp. I found that I cannot use jbco because this is the cause of some of my issues. I do believe that when you experience an abundance of growth that you might have a more itchy scalp than usual.
While becoming in tune to the needs of my hair and scalp, I discovered that things such as keeping my henna in my hair for more than 6 hours and leaving deep conditioner on my hair for more than 2 hours ( that isn’t completely all natural especially) will cause my scalp to itch. Now I do not suffer from dandruff or a dry scalp, but I definitely wanted to take care of this issue I was having.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I was watching a video by The Mrs here on hairlista and I decided to try some of this eucalyptus oil. There are many other oils including peppermint, that should not be used during pregnancy or during the first trimester (first 3 months) and since I am expecting I fall into this category. Eucalyptus oil is on the safe list for use during pregnancy and I have decided to use this in my dc. *Regardless of whether or not eo’s not listed as ‘safe’ have not affected you, it is not worth it for me to take this risk.*

So I add about 8-10 drops to 3-4 tbs of dc and a about 2tbs of oil. I leave this on for 45mins to 1 hour w/o heat, or 20 minutes with heat and any itching I have had previously is GONE. Although I do not itch on a frequent basis, this does improve my scalp’s overall health and is a proactive measure to eliminating scalp issues all together. A special thanks to The Mrs and be sure to check out her other very informative videos!

In addition to the eucalyptus oil, prepooing with coconut oil and doing ACV rinses have also helped tremendouly with the itching.

~Healthy Hair blessing~

**I wanted to add that since I cannot take anything for my headaches during pregnancy except for Tylenol which doesnt work, as soon as I do my dc with this eucalyptus oil in it my headache vanishes!!! Dont know why, but it's worth noting**

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