Monday, December 17, 2012

A Magnitude of Moisture Masque

I recently did a henna treatment using defrosted Nupur for which I mixed the entire package and froze the rest, individually packaged in 3, for future uses. My hair felt so good afterward that I thought I could get away with a simple deep condition, without adding all of my other goodies.  Well this was not the case. I first wanted to try out a new DC and wanted to see how it held up after a henna treatment as my hair is always left moisture-thirsty. Trying it for the first time, I did not want to add anything to it. Ever since that day I did the henna Tx I've been striving to correct my moisture balance.

After the initial henna experience, I cowashed my hair with another condish I thought to be moisturizing  as they are without henna Tx's.  It didn't work. Then I tried cowashing the third day with another moisturizing condish and followed that with a scalp oil treatment and the most  moisturizing cream and oil I have to moisturize and seal with only to end with a dry scalp and dehydrated hair. 

I've learned a lot from this this experience, as I have learned before and should already know: go with what you know after any treatment that could offset the delicate balance of protein and moisture. It is far easier for me to correct a moisture overload than a protein overload, or overly porous or non porous hair. Not giving my hair the overdose of moisture that I understand it needs immediately after a henna could have caused me a lot  unnecessary manipulation and damage. No matter what I did to my hair afterwards  it just wasn't enough. I needed that deep conditioner with the added moisturizing ingredients to revitalize my thirsty hair, to penetrate the hair shaft making it strong and flexible. 

Are your tresses overly dry? Do you use moisturizing conditioners with no luck of making your hair soft? Have you skipped an important step in your regimen that has thrown off your moisture balance? Are you in need of the ultimate Magnitude of Moisture Hair Masque?  Below is a list of ingredients that pack that extra punch of moisture that your desert -dry tresses desperately deserve! 

Magnitude of Moisture Hair Masque

2t Coconut Oil
2t Honey
2t Olive oil
2t coconut milk or cream
2t Aloe Vera Juice/ Gel
1t vegetable glycerin

-Add a bit of your favorite deep conditioner until you get the desired consistency ( remember you don't want this too thick, but more on the runny creamy side).
-Add plastic cap and leave on for 15-20 minutes, can be left in longer for really dry damages hair
- Follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
 -Rinse with cold water
* ingredients can be increased to table spoons to accommodate longer or thicker hair.

 This little concoction was sure to bring my hair back to life. If your hair become overly moisturized, you can also cowash with a light protein conditioner after you have rinsed out the hair mask.

 Hair needs moisture. That's the bottom line. Waiting to moisturize your hair, under or over moisturizing your hair, or trying new products that you are unfamiliar with, all lead to one thing- disaster= breakage!  No matter how strengthening a treatment is, skipping the moisture replenishing step make such a treatment ineffective and a waste of time.

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