Sunday, December 16, 2012

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges

There is was a sale going on for the month of November at Walgreens- all of the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Line was  Buy 1, Get 1 Free.. can't beat that huh? Especially if you love this line. I'm not sure if I love the line, but I do love this Perfect Edges Hair gel. It is like the pomade from Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil smooth edges, but I like this one far better!  It's nice if you have fine hair, because it doesn't matter whether you are relaxed or natural, your hair will lay flat and straight. I believe this would work on thicker hair too, as I have used it on both of my children who have thick, coarse, natural hair.

 What I do is spritz the hair a bit and brush it in  the direction I want it to go in, then I apply this just around the entire hairline ( you will get a firmer hold if the hair is dry before applying this). I then brush it a little if need be and add my scarf to smooth it out for 20 mins to an hour. what I'm left with is smooth, freshly relaxed looking edges that does not cake or leave residue, like the ORS edge control does. It also doesn't turn into another product if you leave the top off of it for a bit and you can still manipulate your hair if need be without it feeling  like a hard cast ( like with the ORS). The smell of this is pretty intense, but it does not linger- it dies down and becomes very faint. There is no drying feeling  and it easily washed out of the hair. I most certainly give this product 5 stars! 

(my edges are a hot mess- I'm working on them! )

Having smoothed edges helps me better maintain their health, creates less friction, makes for less surface area for my son to try to rub off ( he loves to rub/play/fiddle with my ears causing severe breakage around my entire hair line), and looks neater overall. 

I did not leave this stuff on for long and look how  straight my edges are! amazing!

Do you like the color of my hair? It's henna baby! 

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