Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair Regimen & Products: Summer 2011

♥ Shampoo: Wednesdays: Wash or Clarify 1x/wk or PRN
*Organic Root Stimulator creamy aloe shampoo for clarifying
*Amala Cream Rinse-Gentle Hair & Body Cleanser from Hairveda 
*Grand Poo Bar- Succulent solid shampoo from Oyin Handmade
*Head-to-Toe Honey  Wash  Oyin Handmade
  Cowash: Friday/Sunday/Monday &/or PRN
*Moist Condition 24.7 Moisture Enhanced Conditoner  Hairveda
*Acai Berry Phyto-Biofunctional Restorative Conditioner Hairveda
*Moist Condition Pro- Daily Protein Enhanced Conditioner- too heavy for everyday use for me Hairveda

♥ Deep Conditioner: Wednesdays after wash & or PRN
*SitriNillah- Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner from  Hairveda
*Methi Sativa System- Protein Botanical Hair Rejuvenator from  Hairveda
*Banana Brulee Moisturizing Conditioner from Shescentit 
- I add oils, honey, and or Vegetable Glycerin

♥ Pre-poo: Every time water touches my hair! OR I try to at least
*Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
*Honey Cream Moisturizing Pre-poo from Beaux Cheveux Essentials

♥ ACV: Anytime water touches my hair just about
*2Tbs of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 Cup of Filtered Water or
* Hairveda pH 24/7 Balancing Rinse that has a better smell ( green apple!)
Black Tea Rinse: Every shampoo- 2bgs each of reg. black tea & flavored tea to 1 cup of filtered water
*Regular black tea, caffeinated or decaffeinated, doesn't matter or
*Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Bengal Spice or Chai Spice

♥ Baggy: As needed
Hot Oil Tx: After any rinse and PRN
*Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
*Cocoveda Oil from Henna sooq
*Jojoba oil
*Argan oil from Henna sooq
*Monoi oil 
♥ Henna Tx: Every 2-wks
*Godrej Nupur Henna
- From Henna sooq
* Moroccan

♥ Kalpi tone Tx: 1 wk after henna Tx

Rhassoul Clay Hair Mask: 1x/ month from Anita Grant

♥ Leave- ins
*Moringa Tree Detangling Ghee from Qhemet Biologics
*Coco creme Leave-in Condition Shescentit 
*Honey Hemp Conditioner Oyin Handmade
*Almond glaze on edges every from Hairveda
* Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier

***This is MY regimen and the products that I use, which are not limited to the ones that are listed. I am a  product junky trying to manage a healthy, mostly natural hair care lifestyle on a BUDGET, so I often dabble in less expensive, unnatural products as well. This is what works for ME. Feel free to use my regimen and products to assist you in your journey while using your discretion and common sense. This page will be updated as needed. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to leave a message :-)***

~Healthy Hair Blessings~

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