Thursday, June 23, 2011

Godrej Nupur Mehendi Powder 9 Herbs Blend: 2nd time around

Last Thursday I really wanted to do a henna treatment. I had left over Godrej Nupur henna that I used for the first time about 3 weeks ago. I wanted to take pictures of my entire henna process, but I own a nikkon with only a long lens, meaning I need to be at a far enough distance for my camera to process a picture- It was basically impossible to take a picture of the contents inside my henna bowl without having someone there to hold it up at an angle.  I once owned a smaller camera whose battery door unfortunately broke and, although I tried to hold  it together with tape, the darn thing kept reformatting my SD card which would erase all the pictures that were just taken, SMH! The battery kept falling out and the date and time continuously had to be reset- what a pain!!! I definitely have  to purchase a new lens for the Nikon and a smaller, hand-held camera :-/

For my henna process, I had to strategize when to mix it and apply it. To my advantage, my 2 yr old slept in considerably late and I  gave my newborn a bit of formula in addition to nursing him to keep his belly fuller which would allow him to sleep through my henna process-what a hot mess!

To reconstitute the henna that was thickened by the freezing process, I allowed the plastic container it was in to sit in a hot water bath. I had to reheat the bath several times before the henna began to melt.

 Previously, I mixed the henna in with coconut milk and let it sit for 4 hours. Right before applying it I added coconut oil. Forgive me for not measuring anything-  NOT measuring is why I had left overs in the first place. I usually measure my henna, and being that this was the very  first time using this particular brand, measuring it would have been wise. I poured warm  filtered water into it and stirred it until I achieved  a pudding- like  consistency.
 I know I haven't even began to talk about any of the other hennas, but I already feel like this is definitely going to be a staple. Stay tuned for more in depth reviews of henna, my hair regimen, and other randomness. Thanks!

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