Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reformulated: Garnier Fructis Leave- in Conditioning Cream

The last post I wrote on the Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioning Cream was with what looks like the older formulation. The picture was different and the product worked fine, but when I went back to repurchase it I found that it did not look the same.

Well, what's the difference? It appears that the newer  bottle contains argan and apricot oils. Argan oil from Morocco has recently been a popular oil advertised in many products lines so it's only sensible for Garnier Fructis to follow the hype.

 I love both the older and newer formulas equally. I use this in my Kimmaytube leave in as the leave in portion.  As far as argan oil goes, it's nice but nothing to go crazy over. It is very pricey, but you can buy it cheaper in its natural and organic versions from I prefer their cocoveda oil which is much cheaper and my hair loves! Monoi oil is also another great alternative, but I can't understand why such a great oil would use filtered coconut oil- I have yet to find more research on which type of coconut oil is used, filtered or unfiltered.

Here is a comparison picture of the bottles:

Older Version

Newer Version w/ Argan and Apricot oils

All in all, they both impart great moisture and work the same exact way in my opinion.

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