Sunday, January 29, 2012

Necessary or Not: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Something really interesting happened to me last night. I co washed my hair and it was feeling really dry. I have been using a protein conditioner, plus I just did a henna, so maybe I need to cool it on the protein?.? Either way, I did NOT do my usual Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Once I finished co washing, my scalp was a bit itchy.

Needless to say, I probably should continue doing an acv after EVERY hair service...YES, I did say EVERY SERVICE!!!  Many have asked the question as to whether this would be too much, or how many times should an ACV rinse be done in a given period of time. Every one's head is different, so it's best go with with what works for you! I have hard water, so doing an avc rinse is best for me.

Reason's to do an ACV rinse are to:

  1. lock in protein and moisture—flat cuticles will not let out moisture and protein through evaporation.

  2. add shine to your hair—light reflects off of smooth surfaces. While you may not have as much shine as a person with bone straight hair, shine is an indicator that your cuticles are smooth and closed.

  3. flatten the hair for detangling—raised cuticles give the hair that jagged, rough feeling we often talk about with shampoos that “strip.” These raised cuticles are more likely to grab and snag on each other.

  4. add elasticity—remember that low pH substances have more hydrogen ions (as opposed to hydroxide ions). The more hydrogen bonds, the more manageable and elastic your hair will be over time.
ACV doesn't smell pleasant, but I can assure you that the smell dissipates quickly! You can try purchasing scented ACV like that from Hairveda, which smells of jolly rancher apples...yumm!!! But for the price and longevity, I'd rather go into my cupboard  and make the easy mix myself.  ***Update*** I could not find the rinse on Hairveda's site, which may mean that it's out of stock for the season OR has been discontinued.

I use 2  tbs of  organic apple cider vinegar to 6-7 oz of bottled or filtered water (Braggs brand or Trader Joe's brand which has a less intense smell).

Try different concentrations to figure out which works better for you and your type of water. 

Go out and get your AVC on!

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