Saturday, August 25, 2012

Regular Conditioner as a Leave In

While vacationing in Grenada we  planned to leave the resort and stay up at the house for a few days. Of course I had a  smaller arsenal of hair care products with me, but I did not want to even lug those around. So I only took my homemade bug spray,Trader Joe's Tea Tree Body Wash, and the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner. I planned to use the conditioner as my leave in since I didn't want to bring leave in too!
SO after I cowashed my hair I rinsed it clean from all traces of condish, and then I took about a quarter size amount of it and massaged that through my entire head.  The condish coupled with the purest of mountain Grenadian water left my hair silly, shiny, and more bouncy than ever before! I mean, I had the salon effect of that bouncy straight hair, all without  the use of a heating tool! There was nothing more relaxing than being curled up on the porch of a tropical island staring into the greenery while the air gently blew threw my strands....ahhhh
So what did I do? I grabbed a camera to take some pics!
This last picture is of my hair completely dry with a quarter size a condish in it. It is silky smooth with volume and texture..I LOVE IT! My hair never became dry and brittle.
Will I do this every time I co wash? Probably not! I love the way my hair felt and I have even experimented with other condishes (I like the organix macadamia condish also) but as soon as I moisturize and seal my hair is no longer as 'flowy.' I also don't need my hair as bodified since I don't wear it down or out in a style like that. I will reserve this kind of cowashing technique for when I am in a rush or when I want to wear my hair in this down and out style.
Before you consider leaving a regular conditioner in your hair as a leave in, please consider this great article which I found to be helpful in choosing which condishes are best to leave in, and even if leaving a normal condish in your hair is right for you! Should you really leave conditioner in your hair?
Thanks  for reading and
 Healthy Hair Blessings!

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