Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beaching in Grenada


Ahhh, another day under the sun, let me NOT count the days....! I have not been doing much blogging because I am in ..GRENADA! I am finally on vacation after many, many years of not flying anywhere, mainly because of my pregnancies and young children. Well I am finally on Spice Island without my munchkins whom I miss dearly

At the moment I am rocking a curly  mane of colorful hair.. I must put up pics, once I figure out how to do that from here. Today is only day 2 and I plan to be here for a week. My hair is protected at all costs, using conditioner on it during the day, wearing a hat ( only when it compliments my outfit of the day-hehe), moisturizing and sealing, and just being mindful of it PERIOD . 

I've been thinking of jogging, but I just can Imagine it in all of this heat. Instead, I've resorted to  my Ashatanga Yoga practice, which has been lovely on the beach in the am when the sun isn't too intense . 

I am at a resort and plan to stay a few days at the house we have here. tonight I will plan just for that !  All in all I am doing well  and this is the reason for my absence.  


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