Thursday, January 13, 2011

Silk Elements Mixed Silk Nourishing Deep Conditioner- OMG!!!

Ok, so I heard about this a while back on LHCF and decided to purchase it this month since it was on sale. I have also been just searching for something that will work amazingly in my son's 3 type hair and would sweep me off of my feet....well I've found it! 
Unfortunately it isn't all natural,  but I'm over it. It works so well that I can see past that at the moment. It's originally 7.99 and on sale for 5.99 at Sally's. It's 12oz and had a floral powdery scent that does not linger. The smell isn't the best, but it isn't annoying or anything. The consistency is creamy and slightly thick, but not really. I didn't buy the shampoo or leave- in because I didn't think the reviews were that great, but I will go and get the shampoo. The leave in seems to leave flakes in the hair. 
Any how I tried it on my son's hair. He has 3abc hair with a small  patch of 4a dead center in the back of his head. So I'm always looking for a product  for him that works well for both types of hair. I shampooed with taliah waajid's shampoo for kids (never will I buy this again, just trying to get rid of it).  I then towel dried his hair and applied an ample amount, not knowing a little goes a long way. I applied this in sections  and put a shower cap over it for 5 minutes only ( instructions say 3 minutes so I wanted to see how good it really was in a short amount of time) and when I took the cap off his curls were already popping!  It was so easy to detangle  his hair with a wide toothed comb. I went back and forth between that and the tangle teezer and the denman brush to see which one worked the best but they all did fine.
I also used it in my 9 week post 4a/3c hair and OMG, my hair melted like buttah!!!! I have NEVER IN MY LIFE USED  ANYTHING  WHAT WORKED SO WELL AND SO FAST!!! This product makes stretching a breeze!!!
I urge everyone to go out and get this- you cannot lose since sally's has an excellent return policy! 

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