Sunday, January 16, 2011

***UPDATE*** Beaux Cheveux Essentials Honey Cream Moisturizing Pre-Poo


So it's been at least 5x that I've used the beaux cheveux pre-poo. The first time my hair was mega dirty and I wondered if this had anything to do with the results which weren't that noticeable. My hair usually isn't that dirty so I wanted to give it  a few more tries on my hair as it normally is. 

This time around I used it the 3rd day after a co wash, and then a week after no washing  to compare the difference. My results were pretty nice. My hair was left a lot stronger and moisturized, especially in this cold dry weather.

The greatest part is that this concoction is very cost effective. My hair isn't that long or thick, but  this product spreads wonderfully, leaving so much left in the container. I've used it a total of 5 times at least and about 1/4 of the jar is gone. 

Since I am a mixtress I feel as though I can duplicate this cream with some time, but with a small child and a baby on the way, it is very cheap to just repurchase this! It actually is a pretty good buy at $9.95- it's filled with a tone of awesome ingredients in an 8 oz jar.  

The fragrance it very light, herbally, and powdery and is very easy on a pregnant woman's nose. I am definitely going to repurchase this. I plan on trying the moisturizing spritz and essential leave in conditioner which are in, and hopefully the banana pudding which is coming soon.

If you are looking to minimize the amount of  products you use and are using a lot of oils to pre poo, this might be for you-this leaves my hair just as strong as when I use my avocado/ olive/ coconut oil mix to prepoo!  can be purchased here.

Thanks Beaux Cheveux!  

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