Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ultimate Relaxer Experience

I relaxed my hair on 12/16/10 after a 10 week stretch. It was just that time! It turned out to be the ultimate relaxer experience and I would like to share! You do not have to use the same exact ingredients but as long as they are along the same lines you should be fine.Here is what I did:

-based scalp: vatika frosting, summit sensitive scalp base relaxer
-based lengths: vatika frosting-this made any detangling A BREEZE! 
-relaxer, added: 1capful of  olive oil, 2 cap fulls avosoya oil
-application 10 minutes, smooth 9 minutes, washed out thoroughly'
-megatek ( protein treatment) 10 mins, wash out
-neutralizing shampoo- was not pink whatsoever-did an excellent job rinsing out!!
-french perm stabilizer 60 seconds-restores the pH of hair
-amala cream rinse 2x
-black tea rinse- left over in fridge from 2 weeks ago- left on 20 minutes
-dc treatment on top of BTR- silk elements olive oil condish and L'Oreal natures Therapy  mega moisture nurturing creme- smells awesome & very hydrating, ms claudies oil, avosaya oil -about a tbs of each oil.
-sat under drier for 20 minutes
-rinsed out in shower
-acv rinse
-on top of acv rinse put acai berry condish in w/ cap for duration of shower
-rinse out apply coco  creme leave in to towel dried hair- 10 pumps
-applied warm cocoveda oil
-applied ic fantasia heat protectant
-let air dry completely

will blow dry and flat iron if needed **** I actually just passed the flat iron through my hair 1x

I know this seems like a lot but it actually wasn't! The longest part was the relaxer time and sitting under the dryer ! Everything took about an hour and 15 mins from start to finish! My hair is so healthy and heavy from my henna and kalpi tone and btr and protein treatment. I did a lot of reading up on the light protein treatment right before the neutralizing step bc this is when the cuticle is most open- this is true, and I absolutely  LOVED  the results. I didnt find any information on the btr, and didn't look for any on the acv after doing a relaxer. I figured what the heck, as long as I do a really moisturizing dc I should be good! Well this was so true. I was so gentle with my hair that I lost only 2 strands the entire time! The btr was right in time when my hair is so fragile after a relaxer. I would always watch a ton of hairs go into the sink as I washed the relaxer out but not this time! 
I purposely failed to mention the type of relaxer as it did not make the difference in my opinion.I have done this routine of prepooing, shampooing, btr for 20 minutes or until dry, dcing for 30 minutes on top of btr, cowashing out, acv, closing with cold water, and then aidrying a few times now and my hair is just marvelous. I have extremely fine 4a hair with a little 3c in the back and my hair is just so strong!  I do this whole routine 1x per week when shampooing only ( of course minus the relaxer, stabilizer,& protein part!). I have not needed to co wash on top of this since I only start to do so when I'm 4 weeks post relaxer or if I just feel like it. Thanks for looking and I hope this routine is able to benefit someone :-)

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