Saturday, April 28, 2012

Samsung Glaxy S II


This little doohickey is my new Pal! Before having children I was greatly into keeping up with the latest technology. After my first child I though who in the world had this much time to dedicate to such a device? Although I still feel this way, I can't resist the fact that the world is indeed a part of a hug advancing technological revolution that will only continue to grow as long as the human race exists.... So I  had to decide- join the bandwagon  or keep my antiquated phone that I could bare use because the numbers have worn off! 
My OCD had kicked in FULL THROTTLE because  I had  to CHANGE to something I wasn't so familiar with, and I  had no idea how to navigate the thing. The hardest part was the touch screen that I promised myself I would never get after having a touch screen PDA years ago.  I became spoiled using a  keyboard and now I don't have one.The entire house was feeling how anxious, impatient, and snappy  I was. I was cleaning things over and over, checking things again and again, and  not calling a SOUL from my phone because I just didn't want to use it!

So besides the crazy stuff, this bandwagon was not so bad after all- the camera on this thing is awesome! I get to take high quality 8 mega pixel pics and upload them immediately to the computer- no more snapping pics with the camera, removing the SD drive to insert it  into the computer, and so forth. Everything is pretty much through the touch of a lazy, crazy, and amazing is that?!

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