Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hair Porosity: Should you be concerned?

 ***written ~2 month ago***
I never had much of an issue with my hair's porosity, so I never paid too much attention to it. I thought as long as my moisture and protein were in balance,who needs to care about porosity, right? .... WRONG! This week has proven to me   that there is much need to  pay attention to my hair's porosity, especially when it's  feeling and doing something strange while maintaining my normal regimen.

Here are some informational tips that I plucked from a few different sites  that I feel are most important and capture the essence of hair porosity and how deal with it.

Porosity = how much water your hair can (or can't)  hold and absorb  into the cortex
Highly  porous hair = no good

  More porous= greater water absorbed when wet= more water loss as it dries

More Water absorbed = more stretched hair = weaker hair

  Porous Hair = Lifted Cuticle Layer ( think lifted shingles on  a roof)

There is no way to truly 'fix' hair that has been damaged. There are some treatments and tips that can be done to temporarily solve the problem.

Protein treatment will patch up the missing spots on the hair shaft 
ACV  rinse as the final rinse will help close and tighten the cuticle layer
Using acidic deep conditioners or 'for color treated hair type' conditioners will also help close the cuticle
I examined my hair and could visually identify the scaly- like shingles that were raised on my strands. I'm not sure if the dc I mixed up with another caused my hair to react in this manner or what. I did the protein once, the acv after every service and moisturized and sealed 2x daily for a week until my hair returned to normal.

Here are a few places you can refer to if you want more information   *CherryPie* 's entry on how to tell if you have porous hair

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