Saturday, September 8, 2012

Itchy Scalp ...uGhhhhh

As we move into the fall my scalp has become more itchy. But I cannot yet blame it on the colder weather moving in. The past 4 washes or so I have not oiled my scalp with my cocoveda oil, and at times, I didn't moisturize and seal until the following day. This leaves me with a dry, itchy scalp that can only be soothed by re-cowashing, oiling my scalp while damp to seal in the water, and then moisturizing and sealing when my hair has fully air dried.

I did not continue with my usual oiling as a test to see if I really needed to oil my scalp before air drying and then once again after.I do not usually have a flaky scalp, but it was itching from dryness. Once I spritzed my hair with water and then applied warmed coconut oil, my scalp was immediately soothed. I also tried oiling my scalp once before it was wet and this did not do it. So on two more cowash days I did my usual oiling before air drying and the problem was solved again. 

The verdict is my scalp needs to be oiled when wet- period. This step is very important for me and cannot be skipped or else it will take a few tries before my scalp had returned to normal. Here is my usual routine after each wash/cowash on towel dried hair:

* spritz - let sit for 30 secs before I work it through

* apply leave in

*warm cocoveda oil to scalp ( light application) then apply dime size amount to hair. massage through

* allow to air dry

*when  90% dry at least, then moisturize and seal

* style or if going to bed wear a silk bonnet

On wash day ( shampoo day) I have also incorporated pre-pooing with a mixture of mostly castor, coconut and olive oil, with other oils of grapeseed, jojoba, safflower, and almond ( I needed to get rid of them). I added essential oils of lavender, rose geranium, and sweet orange. You cannot imagine how uplifting this mixture is when I apply it. I was inspired by Rene Furterer's Complex 5 oil that I used to pay an arm and a leg for at the Haitian Salon I used to go to. Well now I make my ownSmiley. If you aren't up to mixing things yourself  Beaux Cheveux Essentials makes and awesome prepooing treatment that smells just lovely!

Thanks for following me on my Healthy Hair Journey Smiley

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