Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Hair Pics

Here are just a few shots of my hair and a protective hair style I wear almost  daily. It simply  consists of a stocking  leg that I wrap around my head to protect my edges. The stocking leg ( tights) that I use is rather expensive ( around $8) and is stretchy but taught enough to keep my edges smoothed down without being too tight. A less expensive pair of tights would need to be pulled tighter,  the fabric could dry out the edges, and you'd need  to make it longer since pulling it would result  the need for more fabric to wrap it comfortably around the head. 

Once I find a pair of tights that do the trick, I tend to keep them for years, rotating each leg while the other is in the wash.  I'm sure to turn the stocking leg inside out to keep lent from building on the side that I want facing outwards.

I'm not too sure of this exact fabric, but I will note it after my next purchase. If you're really interested  in this look, this time  of  year (and towards the end of winter / beginning of the summer when tights go on sale) is a wonderful time to find a good pair of tights that you can use as a head band. Remember that tights, not stockings, are seasonal so once you find a good pair, buy another before the season  ends or they run out.  

How I make this is rather easy and I will do post on it soon.



Check out my new growth peeking through the sides :-p

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