Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Shedding..Oh, Let Me Count The Hairs!

In the beginning of my Hair Journey I had a hard time combating breakage and did not know how to decipher between shedding and breakage. After much research I stumbled upon many explanations of the difference and they all summed up to be: breakage = broken hairs shorter than the actual length of your hair and shedding = long hairs from the root with a bulb on the beginning portion of the strand.

In approaching my 4th year on my healthy hair journey ( I know my hair should be waist length by now but my focus was on length and now that it is on health I have cut away the damaged ends, leaving me now at shoulder length!) I have become very familiar with both. As September commences I now understand that this is the month I begin to shed and it does not stop until  the beginning of January. . .Yes, this  is 4  months of shedding, but it does taper.

I  reminded myself just the other day and sure enough last night after my henna treatment is when I realized shedding season has kicked in. Fortunately for me the colder months is when my hair grows the fastest. Being that my hair is quite fine ( not thin) I'd like to hold on to my volume as much as possible. Let's face it- hair is hair and is going to shed as a natural process, but I am ready to combat any unnecessary hairs that might THINK about falling out ;-)

My hair usually does not shed a lot. I do not loose 50-100 hairs  a day that I know of and even when I shed a lot  this amount seems extreme. Do I count them? No, no need. Here is a picture of what my Tangle Tamer ( the Tangle Teezer version with a handle) normally  looks like after a little over a week of not cleaning it.

What will I do to combat the shedding?

* Black tea Rinses
* More protective Styling
* Less manmipulation
*Hair Vitamins
* Bamboo Tea
* Deep Conditioning 2x or more /wk
* Moisture/ Protein Balance assessments fequently
* Ayurvedic Treatments, i.e. Henna, Herbally Divine! Hair Pack

For me, what combats shedding will also combat breakage.. I can't complain :-)

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