Saturday, July 21, 2012

Herbal Conditioning Treatment vs Herbal Hair Pack

I did the herbal hair pack a few weeks back and before that an herbal conditioning treatment- confusing right? well let me differentiate the two for you!

the herbal hair pack consisted of the amla, brahmi, tulsi, shikakai, marshmallow root, arithra, and some more ingredients that I selected and couldn't figure out whether it was a keeper or not. The herbal conditioning treatment was a mixture of herbs already bought this way, and was very gritty but my hair like it.

I did the gritty herbal conditioning treatment just two days ago. I tried everything to get the grit out of this mixture, but the truth is it's a terrible sift when compared against hennsooq's fine powders that I'm use to. I plan to use this up in a tea form instead. just so you know how I used it this past time, here is what I did with a few pics:

 I sifted the gritty mix in hopes to smooth it out- without success :-(


Here is a closer look at the beige specs of root and twigs in the powder which I suspect is the gritty culprit!

I brewed some black tea and added an egg to the mix- be sure the mixture isn't too hot when you add the egg or else it will scramble- :-0 I was NOT  in need of any protein, but the egg does make the mixture better...interesting! After letting it sit I added my usual honey and cocoveda oil.

All in all I wont be repurchasing this again. I will be remixing my herbal hair pack which gave these results, and soon realized I love. I hope to mix up some and apply it today. Once I've found a mix I love, I try to capture a great name for it, along with an unwavering recipe. So check back later for the naming of my lovely herbal hair pack!


Herbal Conditioning Treatment   or Herbal Hair Pack ✓

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