Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Conditioner


Now this is one deep conditioner that I haven't heard many complaints about. What brings me to writing about this awesome dc is that I JUST finished using it. I am currently trying to refine my products down to the most ACCESSIBLE and EFFECTIVE, and when I came across this at Walgeens I could not pass it up at $2.99 a bottle. After using it tonight I feel compelled to go back and pick up a few more ( only had I not bought the last 2)!

So  this was my 2nd time using it. Both times I used it as a cowashing conditioner for 3 minutes( after all, isn't that what is says)?v I first prepooed with coconut oil on top of wetting my hair with Taliah Waajid's Medicated mist bodifier leave in. I would never leave coconut oil on my hair as a leave in, but on top of this it leaves my hair nice and soft.

After cowashing with the Aussie moist and then doing an ACV, my hair was TOTALLY moisturized. I mean, WHAT A COMBINATION! It made me feel 'WHY OH WHY would any other conditioner exist? My hair was full, bouncy, and most of all moisturized. The smell and consistency are both great! The only reservation I have about this stuff is that it's so darn small and it's not found everywhere- it's not always in stock!

My new growth could not thank me enough for revisiting this.The price is a little high, considering it's not all natural and has some really questionable ingredients, but I can't really complain.
 My hair is about should length and I used almost half a bottle after 3 uses. I  didn't need to add anything to this to make it feel so special- again, it is the real deal!

***Update**** I used aussie moist again after my henna (2/10/12) and my hair was very moisturized, even more after the acv rinse. I did not dc after my henna because I wanted to see if the aussie most could hold its own! Well it did!


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