Monday, February 13, 2012

Organix Conditioner Vanilla Silk: My first Use & updates

Let me begin by saying that my product reviews aren't based on  its properties such as its look, thickness, consistency, etc., although I may include these points as well. Instead, my product reviews are more for me to keep track of what worked and what didn't, memorable points about the product, and how it may compare to other products in my stash. In the meantime, I hope that my readers may gain a better understanding of how the products work and how they can benefit from it, especially if they have a similar hair type.

With that said, I'd like to review the Vanilla silk Conditioner from the Organix line. There are so many mixed reviews about  this product. I used this as a  co wash after cowashing the day before with the as I am coconut cowash ( that didn't provide much moisture). Well,  I actually liked this one! I have to use it a few more times in order to be certain, but for now so far so good! 

It "silkified" my hair immediately as a cowash. After doing a 30 minute dc, I  hopped in the shower, slabbed a bit of this onto my strands from root to tip, layered a shower cap over it, thought silky thoughts, and voi la! ..........My hair was so silky and smooth and after applying my kimmaytube leave in and some cocoveda oil I wanted to go out and buy some more! 

But before I do such a thing  I will spend the next few weeks sampling what's in my hair closet. I have a few other conditioners I'd like to try before I settle on this one. $6.99 a bottle is a bit more than I wanted to pay for 13 oz when compared to  my favorite Tresemme naturals Nourishing Moisture that is ~$5 for 25 oz.. I didn't need that much though which is a plus, but I'd like to cowash with it again without dc-ing first to see how it stands up alone. As long as this holds up on its moisture part, it smells so awesome that it would be a great treat just to keep under the cabinet when you want to be transported by the lovely and intense aroma of Tahitian vanilla bean!  Unfortunately my dc contained eucalyptus oil in it, which lingered annoyingly in the background as I tried to enjoy my silky vanilla scent. It's not a fake vanilla which I like. It's smells authentic, sweet, and pampering.

I really cannot wait until tonight when I cowash my hair with this once more..... to be continued!

**Update** I tried this again (2/14/2012 )and I must say that it did smooth my hair. I did not pre condition before, nor did I add any leave ins so that I  could determine how it affected my hair. Ideally I would do both the pre conditioning and post leave in treatments, and I plan to do that once I try it for the last time to be certain it is a keeper.

I'd like to use it one last time as after shampooing to see if it still gives the same results. If it does, this means its great for a cowash, as a part of a dc treatment, as a co wash without pre pooing, and as a quick conditioner after a shampoo when much moisture is needed but I don't have the time to dc at the moment .... we'll see ;-)

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