Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coconut Oil: The ♥/Hate Relationship

Tonight I decicded to moisturize and seal my hair with Neutrogena Slik Touch Leave in Conditioner. Although I used it alone tonight, this cream  really makes my hair soft and I bought it to use in my kimmaytube leave in. I sealed with a coconut-grapeseed-olive-almond oil combination. Being that coconut oil was the MAIN oil in the sealing agent, I was really hessistant to use it based on my past experiences with  "crunchy" results.

Initially, I accidentally reached for my cocoveda oil! After realizing this I just used what ever I had poured out ( only enough for 3-4 small sections) and proceeded to seal with the other oil mix mentioned above. While all of my hair was OK, the only parts that I was actually satisfied with were the ones with the cocoveda oil. 

Although my hair was soft, I did NOT like the way my hair felt. Coconut oil in my hair, even in small amounts, is a definite NO NO!

Oddly enough, I love it as a pre-shampoo/pre-conditioning treatment; It makes my hair strong and leaves my hair moisturized after shampooing. I can also use it in my deep conditioners with out a problem.

What I find even more interesting is that my two most FAVORITE  oils in the entire UNIVERSE are coconut oil based....HOW  IS THAT??? Both my cocoveda oil and my monoi oil are coconut oil based and leave my hair softer and more silky than anything else. This really blows my mind!!!!  I love pure coconut oil in my hair as long as its going to be rinsed out, but my hair hates it as a leave in!?!

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