Saturday, February 4, 2012

♥•:*¨¨*:• Happy 3 Year Anniversary •:*¨¨*:•♥

I am  so excited! Today marks the EXACT  anniversary of my Healthy Hair Journey, and I add emphasis to Healthy! It's been several years since I have finally mastered how to:

❧ take care of my hair
❧ not be a slave to a relaxer
❧ find products that works for MY hair
❧ not to be a slave to a beautician
❧ understand my type of hair
❧ understand the science of my hair
❧ listen to my hair's needs

Whooo hoooh! For the entire stretch of my hair journey I have had many set backs, such as styling incorrectly, too much manipulation, bad cuts, too much heat, incorrect products and so  forth that led to me cutting and trimming my hair. This past year especially  I maintained healthy hair , cutting my ends until my hair was shoulder length.

If it weren't for the cuts, I should  be at least bra strap length or longer. But again, Healthy hair has been my main focus while length will follow.

This year is definitely the year of growth. At a little past shoulder length I will do one more trim this week and only as needed for the rest of the year. My goal for this year is to be ARM pit length my by next anniversary. Wouldn't it be awesome if I made it to bra strap length?

I have not had the chance to take too many pics of the actual length of my hair just over the past year, but I hope to get back to documenting my length.

My goals for my hair for this year are:

❧ maintaining healthy ends
❧ keeping my hair moisturized and tied up from my sons who ♥ to pull on it!
❧ keeping it wrapped up
❧ baggying more often

* I'll add more as I think of them

At the moment I am currently texlaxed with about a year's worth of new growth. Will I texlax soon? Well, I don't want to, but who knows! I'll keep you posted on my thoughts :-)

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