Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hard hair, Porosity, and Rhassoul

My hair has been feeling awfully porous...from what I know about porosity, I am having a hard time figuring out why or how my hair became like this. Well I need to fix it. so of course I tried a few treatments, mainly moisturizing, but I really need some protein. 

I've been oiling my hair with the coconut oil which has helped a little, but I need something drastic, so I decided to do a rhassoul treatment. I get lots of strength that mimics the protein, so hopefully this will help. 

I need to do a moisturizing treatments afterwards, along with an ACV rinse. I will check back in later to record how this experience went.

**Side Bar**  
I did a rhassoul treatment in my 3 year old's natural (3b-4b) and  almost waist-length hair----what a project! It was so HARD to rinse out-- It was like he had gone swimming in the ocean and then rolled around on the beach. He had sandy-like particles that just didn't want to come out- I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, then conditioned and rinsed some more!  My hair is not COMPLETELY  natural so maybe this was it? Or was it because I wasn't washing my own head that it was harder to get out? Idk, but if you DO, please feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to hear what my readers,  if any smiley-tongue-out, have to say!

So it's later ( lol) and I did the rhassoul, according to my usual treatment. This definitely 'FIXED' my hair, by making it feel soft, strong, and manageable.  I was having my main issue in the top of my head and this part is now very soft. My new growth is also soft and I can  no longer feel  the coils that I do have  ( my hair waves more than curls in most places).

Once I get all of my treatments just the way I like them, I will post a page of just recipes for me ( and you) to refer to.

This brings me to again *Another* Realization of products that I will blog about soon. Boy, that man upstairs is really revealing things to me in a very special way!

My one of my next blogs I  will discuss porosity, which I was thought was not a necessary issue. And it really isn't a huge one, IF your MOISTURE AND PROTEIN are balanced, but obviously there are other factors that are important that could throw this off.

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