Monday, May 28, 2012

•ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ• Henna Me Silk 5~28~2012 •ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ•

Somehow, just somehow, I forgot that I had more Moroccan Henna left. This is what led me to purchasing the Jamila henna for hair. When I went to go henna today, I opened my storage box of herbs and was pleasantly surprised! I had MORE Moroccan Henna. It appears I only have used it once. So I decided to also use it today :-)

I soul mixed it again- sorry no recipe. I was really in a hurry and just wanted to be sure I got it done. I know for sure I used 5 T of the Moroccan henna and 2 T of marshmallow root. I mixed it up with aloe juice and a bit of apple cider vinegar ( not sure if I needed this but didn't want to find out the hard way). After letting it sit for 1.5 hours ( yes, this dye release is FAST, Which is another reason why I love it so much) I mixed it up with warmed coconut milk and some honey and cocoveda oil ( I think 2t or so of each). The consistency was not what I wanted it to be, so I added in some organic amla powder.
The amla powder was vacuum sealed and when I opened it it was a hard block. I had to chuck away at it a little to break off pieces, but it worked. I let that sit for a while after adding in more warm coconut milk, just to let it dissolve. I will definitely mix the amla powder on the side first and THEN add it to my mixture ( only when the mixture has been sitting already- otherwise you can put the amla into a bowl and mash it up with a spoon- this will help make it powdery again).

My coconut milk has little pieces in it this time. I have never seen these pieces before, but I suspect it is from the 'flesh' of the coconut.?.?.

 Above is a picture of the little brown specs in my coconut milk that look like freckles!

Any how, I am sitting  here with it in my hair. I'm anxious to know if the amla 'did' anything to the henna. I hope to check back in a bit!

...SO... I kept the hennamla ( henna amla mix, lol) in my hair for about 3 hours. I rinsed my hair under the kitchen sink as I always do. After rinsing it clean, I decided I was not going to dc. It's so late and I don't have the time. My hair was pretty moisturized anyway. so instead of rinsing my hair clean and then cowashing and proceeding with a dc, I rinsed my hair clean of the henna and then cowashed in the shower with the moisturizing simply you conditioner which really like. ( I will dc tomorrow morning).

There is something special about this aloe that almost relaxes your hair- not relax as in you chemically straightens your hair or anything, but think about coming home from a long day of work and then getting a full body massage by your favor masseuse for about an hour- well that's what I mean by relaxed. My hair does what I tell it to without a fuss! 

At the end of it all I absolutely LOVE  THE COLOR I got from mixing the amla in AFTER the henna dye release has taken place. I have that warn brown I have always been looking for! I wanted it chocolate brown, but this is lighter than the chocolate brown, but still very , very RICH! I hanna'd without gloves this time- how silly! My hands were really orangy brown with a  bit of red. I will add this to my henna every single time, or every other time. Measurements are a MUST next time! 

Hennasooq still  doesn't have the Moroccan henna in and they no longer have a date. I must say I will definitely purchase this is bulk the next time it's available.

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