Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nupur Henna- does it REALLY coat my strands?

I've been hinting about 2 revelations I have had in the past two weeks. One of them is my Love affair with my Nupur Henna.
almost a year ago I was introduced to Nupur henna. It was way more moisturizing than my usual Jamila or Moroccan henna and it yielded a pretty good dye color. So I switched in a heartbeat, turning my back on all other hennas.

Ever since switching I cut off 5 inches of my half relaxed/half texlaxed ends to reveal more of my new growth. And with this new found love I felt I was sure to be onto something good.

At that point my hair was very strong and in pretty good condition, but I wanted more of my thicker newer growth to start off the new year with, which also marked the anniversary of my healthy hair journey.

Ever since switching I have noticed the that nupur was getting better and better, and I was become more seasoned at mixing and adding other beneficial/moisturizing herbs to my treatments. With all these great things, including the use of less heat, my hair should have been getting more shiny, silky, and strong...NOT!!!

I began to get more hair fall around September which is fairly usual for me, but it slows down by November. This time around I never quite recovered, and began to lose more strands as I observed my precious hairs scattered about the sink after moisturizing and sealing...what was going on? Am I not doing something right? My hair is FEELING awesome after all of the herbal treatments?

My hair used to shed A LOT, so the hair fall I got was extremely minimal to what I use to experience, but why settle for this kind of hair fall when it could be a lot less? My hair was also not as shiny ( not dull though) as it use to be and  I thought for sure things should have been getting a bit better by now.

 My hair is already fine and I didn't feel like my strands held that  'thickness' to them that they once had while using the previous hennas. I began to do some research and REALLY observed my strands. What I suspected was that the Nupur Henna was giving me great color but was not adhering to my strands- It was serving as a 'conditioner' but did not actually 'coat' MY hair. Now notice that word in italics, as some may beg to differ. But I have carefully documented my hair's progress and the truth is  in the pictures!  


If you take a look at this 3rd Picture, you can see that the end of my strand that has been hennaed much much long ago is far thicker than that of the first two  inches of my new growth that has been hennaed at least 20 times with the Nupur. After just 3-5 uses of the other hennas I realized a sudden difference in my hair... not SO with the Nupur. It has ALWAYS been a nice treatment, but never could I say that it transformed my hair. In fact, my hair has reverted back to the same texture ( not silky) as before I  started doing henna. This is not to say that the Nupur has  done nothing, as it is very moisturizing, and volumizing, almost swelling the hair shaft. I must attribute this to the other herbs in Nupur ( these herbs are what set it aside from the other hennas) but have they also hindered the hennas binding properties? IDK,  but what I DO know is that this henna has NOT been  'building' onto my  hair.

For now I have opted to use the older hennas I am more familiar with, and that are pure hennas. I have learned to add other ingredients that add  moisture to the mix, and I am now confident that I will no longer get that dried out feeling from these  other hennas, regardless of what henna I decide to use.

What do you think about this Nupur henna vs the other more pure hennas? Have you experienced the same thing?

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