Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make Cocount Milk From Cocount Cream/Meat/Butter

 Have you ever wanted to make coconut milk and only had the meat/ flesh/butter/cream on hand? Below is a  simple pictorial on how to do just that!All these names can be used synonymously to the best of my knowledge. I have purchased all of these and they have turned out to be the same thing. One brand in particular is the Tropical Traditions coconut Cream Concentrate and the Artisana Coconut butter- this brand is  A lot smoother than the Tropical Traditions and can be found at Natural food stores. It also comes in two sizes.

Add as much coconut cream as you like to a heat safe bowl. I use a glass bowl to add more resistance when pressing the coconut against the sides.

Stir in a little filtered water and mash. Some recipes call for 2:1 ratio of the water to coconut product.  No need to heat anything, but but you can (very gently)  if you'd like.  

Keep adding in the filtered water and continue to mash and stir until you get a smooth consistency like this. Adding water bit by bit reduced/eliminates the clumps.

What I like about the cream is that you can FEEL the coconut oil in it as you rub it between your fingers. I do  not see or get this when I use plain coconut milk.

For the record, the is the Coconut Milk I use. There has not been a better brand that I've found that makes my hair so moisturized and strong.  I believe it has a higher fat content than most brands. I will check on this! Unfortunately the price has gone up. My henna friend has purchased this same brand from amazon in bulk for a better price.

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