Monday, May 21, 2012

Product Haul: Henna Sooq

Henna Sooq

I absolutely Love everything about hennasooq. From their products to their customer service, I always receive top quality. When using other hennas, things just don't work out the same. Their products truly exemplify the time and effort that goes into creating, marketing and packing, and informing their customers about each and every product. When I'm unsure about a type of henna or herb purchased from them, I can ether refer back to their site or blog for additional information, shoot them an email, chat live, or place a phone call. Every time I've needed to contact them I have never left with ill feelings. I can be confident enough in the knowledge received/gained about the product and then use it to modify or tweak an herbal treatment to match the needs of my hair. The guidelines and recipes they offer are also awesome. Their packaging always make me feel like I'm receiving a gift. And last but certainly not least, they are extremely pleasant! Hennasooq....what a breath of fresh air!

So what did I purchase? 

3- 4 oz bottles of Organic Amla Oil  supplies superior moisture- a little goes a long way, but you do NOT want to run out of this stuff!

1- 2 oz bottle Camellia oil  No other face oil quite like this! It's light, moisturizing, hypoallergenic, sensitive for my confused type of skin and is just the best facial moisturizer for any type of skin, hands down!

2- 100g bags of Sukesh  My moisturizing treatment, can add more moisture to other treatments.- no color imparted.

4- 100g bags of Amla powder- I've never tried this powder, but the oil is wonderful. I purchased this on sale, because it was the Summer crop of 2011. This gives me a chance to try it out. The scroll-over link is to the Fall crop of 2011.

1- 100 g bag of Brahmi Powder- I have yet to try  Brahmi powder on its own, but I have tried the hesh brand in my henna and it made it that much more conditioning. I can't wait to try this which I'm sure is superior to the hesh  brand.

1 -100 g bag of Shikakai Powder- I've been trying to do away with commercial shampoo altogether and with the exception of a natural shampoo bar here and there, I hope to replace it with this cleansing herb. Now's the time to try it out.

What I also like about the Sooq is that they offer many chances to receive/earn discounts  on their products. I purchased all of these with a 20% discount code for 'liking' their fan page on facebook, AND I received free shipping... Yes, folks, it's THAT easy!

Place your order at hennasooq today by calling 410-579-4543  from Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6pm EST, or visit . You can also find more information on their blog,

*The logo at the top of the page belongs to hennasooq and was used for the sole purpose of freely (both literally and figuratively) marketing their products- which I love

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