Sunday, June 3, 2012

Banana Me Moisturized Hair Mask

I just Love  giving my signature  hair treatments names! Not too sure if this one will be a signature yet, but I'm playing around with it! 

After doing my henna today I wanted to try this hair mask to see if it could really satisfy my strands. If I want to know if a treatment will be moisturizing, I usually try them right after a shampoo or a henna,the point at which my hair needs moisture  the most.

I like mixing up stuff, but not like mayo and eggs to put in my hair---EEWWW!  So in this recipe I wanted to include items in which the end product was edible ( not that I would eat it! ). Here was the recipe:

   *1 jar organic baby banana food
   *1T Agave  ( no honey left)
   *1T Olive Oil (EVOO)
   *1 t Vegetable Glycerin

I was not completely blown away by this treatment but it did it's job. My hair felt 'coated' and just weird.  In all fairness nothing went right for me after my henna. I didn't use my usual cowashing conditioner, my ACV rinse was completely off ( not enough ACV), and I experimented with a new leave in within the kimmaytube leave in. At the end of it all my hair turned out the same, but I am accustomed to how I like  my hair to feel after each step- my hair was doing something strange at each and every point of my post henna regimen.

Next time I want to increase the honey and maybe add some coconut milk and maybe some cocoa powder and aloe, or maybe I'll just keep all the same ingredients and tweak them.?... the world may never know (just had a flashback of  the owl who says 'How many licks does it take to get to the center of a toostie roll pop? lol)

A note to the wise, don't go changing up a bunch of products and experimenting with them all at the same time. You won't be able to pinpoint which did what. I know this already, but I had to experience it again I suppose.I will definitely try this treatment again.

Do you have a banana hair mask recipe you'd like to share?

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