Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There is no other dessert more sensual to me than chocolate and strawberries....but it's also fun! I has some strawberries and symphony chocolate laying around and thought about pairing the two....what a marriage made in heaven..or at least I was after bitting into this fruity chocolate duo! It was such a hot with my two sons and I's sure it's  now a favorite...

...Unfortunately the picture above is not my own, but from a site called the instructables. What a cute little DOY gift idea!  Mine didn't come out as colorful, but they were still very cute and attractive and made me feel special ( and a bit calorie guilty!) that my boys loved them so much. If you love chocolate and even  only like strawberries ( I'm not a huge fan of actual strawberries, although I do like the strawberry flavor), then this little quick and easy  treat is sure to be a delectably smashing hit! 

This is my knock-off version that was so quick and easy! 

If you don't like strawberries then you can use other fruits like apples!

From noble pig winery blog

And if you  don't like chocolate, well...YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! 


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