Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Fabs & Must-Haves!

Hello my Radiant Readers!

I have been out of town most of the week and haven't been at a computer to blog..sorry! But, I am back for now with some Fabs a Must Haves that I have discovered in this month of June!

Okay, so I have been using the Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Conditioner from the Organix line. I also wanted to try the shampoo, but those of you who regularly follow me already know that I am so over shampoo and I am just not willing to dabble in such an expense at the moment. My goal for now is to find hair products that are as natural, pure ( single ingredient), and organic as possible without having to buy on line. I am also trying to go mostly Ayurveda.  I do however, revert to some not so natural products that I can't live without ( until I find something better!).

So back to this conditioner- I really like it but sometimes it just doesn't pack as much moisture as my hair needs when cowashing. So instead of completely turning my back on the line I decided to try the Macadamia Oil Hydrating Conditioner- Now this was the moisture I needed. I love the Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture but sometimes I just need a change. While nothing store bought has compared to it exactly ( except for the awesome but fake BLUE Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence), this Macadamia conditioner does come close. I have been using it for 5 weeks now and love the moisture it gives me. It is definitely a Fab but there will be more research done on other conditioners before it becomes a must have.

Next up is Renpure Organics Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. Now, there is nothing Amazing about this, nor it is a must have, but it is a fabulous protein deep conditioner. Now I must emphasize the Reconstructor portion. A hair reconstructor is a specialized hair conditioner designed specifically to help severely damaged hair. What separates a hair reconstructor from a regular conditioner is its focus beyond simply moisturizing. Hair reconstructors fix breaks, cracks and weakened areas of the hair shaft with a combination of micro-proteins, macro-proteins and polymers. Hair reconstructors are designed to help damaged hair. Hair becomes damaged when its structure has been affected by harsh chemical or physical processes that hinder it from naturally restoring itself back to its original state.  (info from ehow)

WITH THAT BEING SAID, this product gets numerous poor reviews about how after daily use for a week, or continuous use, it makes the hair hard! If your hair is NOT damaged   there is no need to use this. If you do not need protein at the moment, then do not use this product. what self incriminates this product is that it is marketed for daily use...really? a PROTEIN, daily use?  When does it tell you to discontinue use? After you get desirable results? Nope, nothing! So, it's apparently very important to educate yourself on what these products  do, what you are looking for, and how your hair will respond.

How do I use this? I squirt about 2-3 ounces out into a glass bowl and add some honey, castor oil, grapeseed or olive oil, and vegetable glycerin. Warm it up for a few secs in the microwave, put it in the hair for a half hour covered with plastic  and cowash it out with a moisturizing cowash- do not need to follow up with a moisturizing deep condish. My hair is left strong, nourished, silky, and well, AMAZING.  Sadly, sometimes following directions don't help. I would not leave it in for just 3-5 minutes, nor would I not add anything to it. I have 3c 4a protein-sensitive fine hair and although  I do not consider it damaged, I do need some protein now and then.

These last two that are absolutely MUST HAVES are Organic Camellia Oil and Organic Amla Oil from The camellia oil I have been using on my face for at least two months. This oil is so superior to any other oil or moisturizer I have ever used. I was a bit leery at first, being that ever since I became a mother having oil of any kind on my face breaks me out. Not this. I have almost stopped using a facial cleanser all together. I usually clean with warm water and end the cleanse with cold water, adding three drip drops of camellia oil to my face, under my eyes, and down ( in an upward motion) to my décolletage. My recent under eye darkness has almost vanished, my face is more youthful and it is smooth as ever. Most noitceable are my EYELASHES  that have grown unbelievable long! Yeah, forget about Latisse, lol.  I will eventually blog about my facial regimen in more detail. 

The amla oil is also from hennasooq and is equally as moisturizing  on the face and much thicker, like avocado oil. I  put this on my face at night at times when I cannot find my camellia oil. I did not buy this oil for my face though, but for my has been a godsend in supplying moisture to my thirsty strands. There is just  no oil like it. I mean, my hair's cuticles just TRANSFORM  and close flat after applying this. Just when I think my hair is where it needs to be, I add this oil to get the ultimate real deal. And this is why I usually add it at the end, whether I'm styling or moisturizing and sealing.

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