Saturday, June 30, 2012

Herbal Hair Pack- Herbally Divine! Hair Pack

I went to a local Indian grocery store a few months back, before purchasing all the organic herbs I have now from hennasooq ( I was so anxious to have them, what can I say?). I wanted to use some of these herbs up and decided to create my own herbal hair pack.

I once read that when you begin dabbling in ayurvedic herbs, you tend to want to try everything and this is unnecessary, especially since there are so many! I bought a few herbs based on their strengthening and cleansing properties. I oiled my hair and scalp with coconut oil then proceeded to mix the following powders:

7 T Brahmi
5 T Amla
2 T Tulsi 
2 T Marshmallow Root
1 Shikaki
1 Cup Aloe Juice
_______________ after this sat for 15 minutes I added the following ingredients warmed:
1T Cocoveda Oil
1 T Honey 
~2/3 c Aloe Juice

All of the powders were hesh brand, except from the organic amla from hennasooq and the organic marshmallow powder from hennasooq. The mix was very creamy, not gritting at all and was just enough for my entire head ..wheew! I let it sit in my hair for a few hours.The mixture was very easy to wash out. I cowash after rinsing thoroughly, and then applied a moisturizing dc- My hair was not hard, but I'm sure I could have used some moisture. After letting that sit for an hour I rinsed it out, co washed, ACVR ( apple cider vinegar rinse) and put in the leave-ins.

I cannot say that I loved this treatment but I surely did not hate it. I cannot tell what  it did for me? I will try it again, but if my hair does not respond then I will mix the herbs in other concoctions that serve more of a purpose. I'm grateful not to be at a loss, but at worse all it did was maintain the state my hair is currently in and I can live with that!  The left back area where my son pulled my hair out was a bit dry.. I do feel it's more moisturized, but that could have been from the dc.?. I will wait until my hair is fully dried and styled to see if there is an overall difference.

Have you ever tried a product /treatment that was so neutral you just couldn't make up your mind to keep it or chuck it?

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