Monday, July 23, 2012

Herbally Divine Hair Pack

After returning from my trip I found it hard to decide what my hair needed because it was in such great condition. I opted to do the herbal conditioning treatment and not the herbal hair pack. This post deciphers the difference between the two.

The treatment was nice but I wanted to do a treatment that wasn't so gritty. So yesterday I decided to do the treatment that left my hair in such great condition in the first place- The herbal hair pack.This treatment was truly spectacular! It gives my hair strength and softness, body and shine, and cleanses the hair too! What more can a gal ask for in a hair treatment?  The current staple treatments I have today are listed below. Once I have the chance to figure out how, I will create a link to their recipes.  In the mean time just roll over each treatment and the post contains the recipe.

*Rhassoul Mocha Coco Double Loco- Strength I can feel-  DC needed afterwards

*Sukesh Time Baby! - Moisture I can feel

 AND NOW ...INTRODUCING THE NEW.. ( drum roll please).....

"Herbally Divine! Hair Pack- delivering a delicate balance of both strength and moisture !

Yes, this will serve as my maintenance treatment! I doesn't disturb my hair whatsoever and if I my measurements are a  tad off, this treatment is very forgiving.

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