Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Hair Pics & Product Updates

I'm finally back from my  birthday week extravaganza! My twin and I turned the big -----! I won't say just yet, as I love to keep people guessing :-P

I haven't shown many pictures of my hair because I have had so many set backs.  I became so determined to achieve my hair goal that I felt like all the pics I took were a constant reminder of where  I was not! Well, I think I'm over that now, and as you all may know, it's always wise to take pictures so that you have a reference point of progress. I took these pictures shortly after my herbal hair pack. I spent the week at my place in NY, and the water there is very hard. My hair always suffers because I fail to treat it with the respect it deserves, dashing to catch up with family and friends in the little time allotted before I headed back home out of state each time.

This time was different though. The water was still hard of course, but I took with my just the bare necessities, each hair style never requiring heat. I also stayed stylish the entire week, leaving my favorite sweats at home to bud temptation. This visit was truly a test for  my regimen and products- EVERYTHING  I brought with me served a purpose and actually worked. I did bring the flat iron along, but I didn't need it! So which products did I bring with me?




 I also brought a watery leave-in concoction of infusium 23, rose water, tea tree oil, talia waajid leave in, and glycerin.  I sprayed this on my hair from time to time to 30 seconds to a minutes before any manipulation. Besides these  four products, I used my stocking leg to tie down my edges, a hair bonnet to wrap up the hair at night, and of course some brushes, combs, and clips. These products really proved to be the perfect combination for many quick and easy hair styles. I didn't take any pictures, but I look forward posting many pictures in the months to come. 

At the moment, my hair is in such great conditioner I have no idea what I will do to my hair next. That's another aspect of my hair care regimen that I need to figure out- what treatments do I use to maintain perfect hair? In the meantime here are the pictures of my hair after styling using purple flexirods.

The macadamia conditioner left my hair moisturized and silky each time. The cantu was not too heavy and packed just enough moisture where I didn't need to moisturize too often. The amla oil was used in moderation, deeply penetrating each strand and making my hair extremely soft!

Until next time, That's all folks!

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