Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pre Pooing and Hot Oil Treatments


In the past I  did  hot oil treatments regularly but I don't see any use for them at this point in my regimen. My hair is stronger and softer than it's every been. I do, however, pre-poo with warm coconut oil before every service just about, especially an ayurvedic service. I rotate in other  heavy oils such as castor oil, olive oil,  and avocado oil, as well as honey and agave nectar.

I did some much research on Auyervic hair care and there was a commonality in prepooing with oil, coconut oil to be exact. This is a great article that sums it up. I don't follow this exactly, but I've modified it accordingly.

I lightly spritz my hair with a leave-in or anything wet of the sort and part my hair into four sections. I take each section, split it into two, and apply the coconut oil from end to root, making sure to smooth and  separate the hair with my fingers- I will also use a wide toothed comb and or my tangle teezer to disperse the oil through the hair. After my hair is coated with the oil, I cover it with a plastic cap or saran wrap and leave it  in for no less than a half hour, and no more than overnight. When I'm ready to use an ayurvedic powder, I may lightly spritz the hair again and apply the ayurvedic mixture. my hair is left so clean afterwards, noticeably cleaner than if I did not use coconut oil. The oil also helps somewhat with rinsing out the paste. It did sound weird to me at first that my treatment could penetrate oil, but It does!

Hot oil treatments are usually done as a last step and then rinsed out while  some oil remains in the hair, or you can keep the oil in completely.  Pre-pooing usually  refers to washing out the oil/ doing a service after the oil has been applied. Some people us the terms  hot oil treatment and pre-pooing synonymously.  My hair is not in need of any extra oil other that what I give it during the moisturizing and sealing process, so hot oil treatments aren't necessary for me. But if your hair is really dry, even after a deep condition with added oils, you might want to consider doing a hot oil treatment.

So let's Recap

When do I oil my hair ?

*Before Shampooing ( always)
*Before Cowashing ( sometimes)
*Before Deep Conditioning ( sometimes)
*Before Ayurvedic Treatment ( always)

How to do it?

* Lightly spritz hair
*Detangle w/wide toothed comb
*Saturate hair with oil from tip to root
* Leave in no less than a half hour

Sunshyne from Hairlista.com Pre-poos with her 3POs..Check out her post here on Hairliciousinc.com

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