Sunday, July 22, 2012

Texture Shot

Many people have a hard time believing me when I say that I am almost all natural. when they glance at my roots, they don't see the wave that usually indicates a naturalista. Well I'd like the exclaim that not every day my hair looks this way, and when I wash my hair, yes, you will see the wave!

How do I get the curl pattern out of my hair?
I don't intentionally try to remove the curl pattern  from my hair. After many henna and herbal treatments ( some are said to loosen the curl pattern), and my cocoveda oil which I discovered early on smooths my hair out, my current hair pattern is what it is. The very last 2'' of my hair is still texlaxed and this area of the hair easily straightens.  I suspect that once the entire strand is completely  natural it will curl much more.

I have not  used heat on any of my hair to straighten it, or at all in the past few weeks for that matter. After putting in my leave-ins and my cocoveda oil, I use a smoothing motion to straighten out the hair.  I moisturize and seal after it has air dried and let that dry as well. The finished product is smoother, straighter hair.


 These pics were taken after moisturizing and sealing, waiting for my hair to dry

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