Monday, March 26, 2012

As I Am Coconut Cowash: Take Two!

Ok, so I used the As I Am  coconut cowash again, and the results this time were better than expected. I used it after washing out my henna. Because I laced my henna  mix with too much oil, my hair was definitely feeling coated. I remembered how this cowash somewhat stripped my hair and this would prove to be the perfect go-to for removing all of that oil!

Well it did just that. My hair was left bouncy and clean and not stripped. Of course this doesn't meant that it's a keeper: For one, it only felt this way after because my hair had been previously doused in oil! I also used it on my son's natural coils and this was nice, but only because his hair had been previously tamed from me carefully taking out his twists and cowashing his hair immediately. Could I depend on  this when his hair is a hot dried up tangled mess? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

It seems that this would be good for me when doing a cowash after a hot oil  or pre-pooing treatment. And since I don't cowash after either one of these ( I shampoo after a prepoo and haven't needed to do a hot oil treatment in over a year since I've upped  my ayurvedic treatments) this product is a FAIL.

I really wanted to heart it, but there's just no room for this nice smelling-attractive-useless-bottle of creamylicious cowash in my stash that I'm already trying to de-clutter, Sorry!

At least there are other promising products from this line  that I like and LOVE...So stay tuned for some more reviews! Thanks

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