Friday, March 2, 2012

I was really thrilled to try this line on  my son's hair. I WASN'T thrilled that I didn't get to take advantage of the buy 2 get one free deal at Sally's just a few weeks earlier. I purchased the Coconut cowash and the Twist Defining Cream

I tried the Coconut cowash on myself a few times before trying it on my son. I really wasn't thrilled at all. It wasn't moisturizing and actually stripped my hair a bit. it did have some slip, but a dry slip, meaning it provided no moisture but had detangling properties ('dry slip!') if this makes sense. Since the majority of my hair is texlaxed I figured it may work better on natural hair. So I waited before dismissing this product. When I used it on my son I  received the same results- I had deep conditioned his hair and it was silky smooth, but after putting this in as a final cowash it stripped all the moisture that was just put in---- very disappointing, since I haven't been able to do his hair as frequently as I want so it will be some time before I dc his hair again. The only thing this cowash provided was a great scent and something nice to look at. I will mix it with oils and veg. glycerin or something to  try to deal with it.

A for the Twist defining Cream, this was something I could brag about. I did not use it in my hair because again,  my texture isn't completely natural and I wouldn't have a purpose for this, although I wanted to try this on my edges. For the most part  it did its job and I could definitely compare it to the Kinky Curly Curling Custard ( which I will probably always like better). I used this  for twists on my son's freshly washed hair and it was wonderful. I felt like it wasn't doing much until I began to detangle and smooth each section I was about twist. If you use too much it DOES leave a white residue that won't go away, but not to be confused with the residue you will already see from using it  but will fade. Now what I find to be the difference between this and the KCC is:

Thick but more creamy than loose- ok to touch
Loose like snot- disgusting to touch
Dries soft
Dries with a bit of a crunch that will become soft
Too much = residue
Too much = extra hold, possible residue that can be  combated with a water and oil
Little goes a long way
A little goes a long
Smells pleasant, not the greatest but can deal with it
Smells nice but can become offensive sitting in jar too long
Needs edge control to keep edges flat and in place
Needs nothing to  keep edges drying in place the way you want them
$22 for 16 oz
$32 for 16 oz
Found at local Sally’s
Found @ wholefoods (1 hour away) ,not @ targets where I live

After a weeks or so and with continued use, BOTH of these improve the overall feel/ texture of the hair. I rather the TDC for twist outs   and the KCC for twists. The MAIN difference between the two is that I don't need anything with the KCC on my son's edges to set them - I use a baby  tooth brush to smooth them down and they dry like that, and that's that. I don't do many twist outs on his hair because I don't do his hair too  frequent in the winter. They both are good and comparable, and I'm sure I'll find myself repurchasing both of them.
I have also used the Queen Helene Royal Curl Jelly, Organic root stimulator Curl Pudding, Taliah Waajid Kinky Curly Natural Herbal  style and shine cream and will be doing reviews on them soon...

**Update on coconut cowash** 3/1/12

 I'm just so disappointed in this product that I have not even touched it! I am contemplating taking it back, but I just don't know who I could give this to to benefit from it. I still need to add some oils to it. I thought about it and it IS a CLEANSING conditioner, but I mean, why the dryness? I was so expecting this to deliver moisture and a light bounce. I can try to use it as a 'shampoo' and dc afterwards- Stay tuned for an update!

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