Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hennasooq's Sukesh Ayerveda


Hello, My Silky Listas!

Today I introduce to you Sukesh Ayerveda from, my favorite place to buy ayervedic herbs. The name 'sukesh' is an Indian name, meaning 'having nice locks,' and let me tell you that this delivers nothing less! 

It consists of organic cassia obovata, organic amla, organic neem, organic aloe vera, organic tulsi, brahmi, bhringraj, and shikakai. Cassia makes up about 50% of this mixture, so if you're looking to get some color then this blend may not be for you.  100 g are sold  for $8....not bad!

I visited hennasooq frequently, hoping that the 'coming soon' writing would change to 'in stock!' Well a few weeks ago I received a newsletter from, hennasooq's blog page, that stated it was now available.
Upon receiving my order I wrote the owner to request how to mix it, but I could not wait, LOL! My strands whispered 'sukesh.....sukesh.....' until they could whisper no more! So I mixed it just as I would mix my henna.

It mixed up fairly nicely and the smell was a lot less intense than henna itself. The only problem I had was that some grains were left behind from the amla nut. I had not anticipated this, so I did not co wash so as to get these particles out. Instead I was unpleasantly surprised and followed up with two shampoos ( I  should have cowashed but I wasn't thinking).

after 1 cowash
after 1st shampoo
after 2nd shampoo

All in all here's what I had to say as I review the product on their site:
  1. **I ♥ Sukesh**

    Posted by ღ•Henna Me Silk•ღ on 29th Mar 2012
    This is by far the best ayurvedic blend of herbs carefully and brilliantly concocted to leave my tresses clean, moisturized, strong, and bouncy. I mixed this with coconut milk, coconut oil, and a bit of honey, the same way I mix my henna. I am still working on the best mix to minimize the residual particles that may be left behind due to amla nut herb in the blend, but an extra special cowash will remedy this small nuance.After adding this to my henna, my strands have never felt so nourished. Thank you hennasooq for Sukesh Ayurveda, my new found love! 

Unlike Kalpi Tone, there was absolutely no coloring in this blend and I  was able to use my fingers to apply this- so neat that I didn't have to pull out my black gloves. 

Maybe next time I will oil my strands before applying the mixture which will help the residual particles rinse out better.  I also plan on doing a more in depth review of this blend in the near future.

 I have prayed the last few weeks that I'd find some staple products being that I've hit so many fails, and surely I have been blessed! I have many more reviews of some awesome products that have been revealed to me and I cannot wait to share  them with you all!

Thanks for looking and until next time,

~Happy Healthy Henna Blessings~

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