Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vitacost.Gom $10 off your first order!!

Hi there! As many of  you may already know, I love to shop organic and natural. But  in today's economy shipping and handling charges and turn around times just aren't feasible when you want to buy in bulk but don't want to compromise your pockets.  What I've discovered is shopping in bulk at a low cost has helped me save tremendously. I'd like to introduce you to a site that has allowed me to do so at affordable prices....

No matter HOW MUCH  you purchase, Shipping is Always, $4.95 or so, not including specials they run often for free shipping. This is were I get my Nutiva coconut oil which runs  $24 for 54 oz, my Aloe Vera Juice for ~$4 or $5 for 32 oz, Castor oil at 16 oz for $6, and some other products I use. If some items aren't available you can always swap them out for a vitacost brand, like the vitacost coconut oil which was a steal at $20 for 54 oz! That's almost $5 cheaper than the Nutiva and I'm loving this oil. You just can't  beat these prices! 

My only reservation about this site is that prices are subjected to change. This isn't too bad since they are still low, but I would love to be able to pay the same (low) price every time. 

Want to save on your next order? Copy this link  and get $10 off your next order! And yes, this helps me too :-) Refer your own friends and family and save them $10... you get $10 as well towards your next order when they make a purchase....Shop, shop Away!

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