Thursday, March 29, 2012

Herbal Essences: Totally Twisted Curl Silkening Detanlger


When I first saw this I thought of herbal essences Long Term Relationship Leave in that no longer exits. And some of you may kill me for saying this but boy am I glad about that. I mean, that pink cream was so artificially packaged to me, from the color to its scent and did nothing for my hair. At its defense I was  very immature in my hair journey when I began using it, so this may have been why. Either way I was never apart of this following.  What is so weird is that Herbal Essences makes targeted lines catering to different hair types but this ( totally twisted) is the only one that has a detangler spray- what if I wanted it in hello hydration? I don't understand this.

 I purchased this after getting great results from the Leave In version of this. So naturally I figured  I would get a synergistic thing going on if I also used this matching detangler.Well let me say this- water in a bottle. I don't even want to continue the review, but if I didn't then there would be no reason to blog about it, right?? So here we go..

So  after deep conditioning with an increíble deep conditioner that I will name in a later post, I towel dried about 50% of the way with my turbie wrap and then spritzed this in my hair before using the leave in version. My hair was nothing compared to what it feels like after using the Dove nourishing oil care Detangler.  I had to go back and read the bottle out loud: " Curl Silkening Detangler"....siklening-----detangler----WHERE? And being that I did not have a curl in sight, how did it not detangle or silken  my tangled straight hair???? I mean, that's what the bottle said right? I was as confused as confused gets. But I decided not to give up and went through the entire process of applying the leave in and then my oils. To my surprise my hair came out nice. It wasn't great by any means, but it wasn't bad.

At the end of the day I would not purchase this again. It did NOTHING it promised and, in fact, I'm certain that it was the other products that I used in conjunction with this that even allowed it to seem decent. My hair was so smooth after deep conditioning and then when I put this in I said to myself what happened to my slip? My hair was not hard but something happened that didn't enhance the moisture I already had in it. Let's face it: the only thing left  totally twisted was my face after using this and running my fingers through my hair!

 I am searching for a Leave in that I can use after each hair service or just as a re-freshener, that smells great, detangles instantly, moisturizes, adds slip, is light, and leaves my hair with bounce. Please tell me I'm not dreaming

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