Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hesh Kalpi Tone


Aside from Jamila henna, Kalpi tone was the first ayurvedic concoction that I began using on my hair back in 2009. I would mix it into my hendigo mix ( henna + indigo), and it would yield deeper, darker results in color. I then started using it on its own as a conditioning treatment, both with oils and with conditioners, as well as a mixture of the two. 

Mixing kalpi tone with a watery base ( like tea or just plain water) and then with oils yields a very unfavorable emulsion, in my opinion. It's like the two really don't want to mix together, and it becomes very strange to the touch and more difficult to apply. 

I have not tried using Kalpi tone with coconut milk, but I sure plan on to in the near future. It is very moisturizing when mixed with a conditioner and a bit of oil, and tends to run more when mixed with just an oil. I also like mixing it ( into a paste, not a rinse), with black tea so that I can combine my Kalpi Tone and black Tea rinse into one :-)

You can also use Kalpi Tone as a rinse by mixing it with warm tea and then straining it through a stocking hose to rid the particles that people often complain about being left behind. I have yet to use this as a rinse and don't plan on to; although I may be using less product to achieve the rinse, I feel like I'm wasting it when it's done this way. I prefer for all of my treatments to sit on my hair for no less than an hour to ensure penetration.The only rinses that I do are black tea rinses that strengthen the hair and lessen shedding, as well as ACV ( apple cider vinegar) rinses after every hair service to close the cuticles of the hair and allow for better moisture retention.

I have never experienced these residual particles left in the hair after doing a KTT,  and I'm  not sure why this is so- maybe because I use conditioner and add oils???
The smell of this is very herbal-sweet-lemony...I really, really like it! It's a lot less 'in-your-face' than henna, so you don't feel over powered by it. It DOES have a particular smell to it, so please don't think you will not smell anything at all. This is just the nature of ayurveda, which I love♥! 

So what's in this stuff??
Amla Fruit (Phyllanthus Emblica Linn) 10%, Maka Leaves (Eclipa Aba) 10%, Mandoor (Iron Rust) 10%, Jaswandh Flower (Hibiscus Rosa) 9%, Narangichal (Citrus Aurantium) 8%, Shikakai Fruit (Acacia Conncinna) 7%, Kumari Leaves (hedychium Spicatum) 7%, Kapur Kachili (Hedychium Spicatum) 6%, Brahmi (Herpestis Monniera) 5%, Methi Seed (Trigonalafinum Greekum) 5%, Wala (Andropogan Muricatus) 5%, Khadir Stem (Acacia Katechu wild) 3%, Chandan (Santalum Album) 2%, Neem (Azadirachta Indica), Sitaphal Seeed Powder(Squamosa), Sugandh Dravya.

Did you just say "WHAT," because I did! Just know that they are a lot of good herbs for the hair! Briefly, Hesh Kapli Tone has the following advantages:

• Gives a natural black tinge to the hair
• May help to strengthen hair roots
• Promotes hair growth
• Controls hair loss and premature greying

What does it promise?
A natural beauty therapy for hair, Hesh Kalpi Tone adds a dark tinge to the hair and gives it a natural, dark shade. Made from natural ingredients like Aloe, Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai and other herbs, Kalpi Tone helps control dandruff, hair loss and premature greying of hair. The blend has to be used over the scalp, Kalpi Tone may help to strengthen hair roots and promote hair growth.

The one and only downside of this is that it DOES DOES DOES darken  your hair. Since I am lighter skinned I  do not like the way darker hair looks on me. My natural color is medium brown, and while darker hair does give your hair a more shiny and healthy appearance, it looks really artificial against my skin (especially in the colder months when I'm paler). So this will alter the color of  the beautiful tones you get with henna.

The MAIN benefit is that I've been a long term sufferer of migraines and this has helped to alleviate them, unlike indigo which I have stopped using for 2 years now because of the incessant headaches it was giving me ( and darker hair color that I do not like). 

Now, of course, the obvious benefit is stronger hair!!

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