Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My relationship with Indigo

When I first began doing henna it was always accompanied with Indigo ( the indigo was used only after my pregnancy).  The results it yielded for me were not so close to the rich brown tones I was trying to achieve, but instead it toned down the burgundy plum undertones of the Jamila henna.

After many applications I soon correlated  my debilitating migraines with the use  of my hendigo. What I found out is that Indigo can cause migraines and it did exactly that in my case. So my indigo saga was short lived and I have resorted to other henna such a Moroccan henna which gives me more of a brown color minus the indigo.What I also like about the Moroccan henna is that since my hair itches with the henna left in for more than a few hours, this henna has a fast dye release and I also don't have to sit with it in my head for too long.

Although indigo and I did not work out, there are other treatments that helped alleviate a migraine for me. Due to my non allergic rhinitis as well as food sensitivities, my life has been laden with migraines. Fortunately for me doing my sukesh treatment or an amla brahmi treatment has either diminished the migraine, or completely eradicated it.

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