Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Proclaim Argan Oil Instensne Hydrating Mask and Macadamia oil Deep Repair Masque from Sally's


Ok , So I  co-washed out my henna with Trader Joe's Nourish and Spa Condish. This was  very moisturizing and already counteracted any drying effects the henna may have caused.

I just finished applying the two conditioning masks, one to each side of my head. The Proclaim Argan Oil Deep treatment to the left and the Macadamia Nut Oil to the right.

The Argan condish was a bit creamy and took a bit more to spread. It smelled pretty ok, very soapy like, with a hint of that generic argan oil smell that everyone seems to be going with. It was tolerable but nothing to rave about.

 Side note: I used the shampoo and condish of this  line about 2 years ago or so. It was ok but I decided to go with the One n' Only Argan Oil line because this smelled better. After having my second son I could not deal with the One n' Only argan oil smell at all. Two years later, the Proclaim line smells the same, except that the oil is a bit sweeter than I remember.

The macadamia condish was thicker and spread better, which you would believe the opposite for something that is thicker. I also actually used less. The smell was very much like coconuts with a hint of the beach and musky undertones. It was definitely artificial but I like it. Again, nothing to get hyped over but I really did not mind it when compared to the other scent.

I will leave both in for about an hour or so. They both said to leave in for 5-7 minutes but I almost never do that unless it's just a co wash. 


It's an hour later and I have washed  both out. There are very minor details between the two of these: The Macadamia Mask left my hair a tad bit more silky and voluminous. The Argan mask side was a bit less silky and was a bit flatter. Again, these two details are extremely minor, but very noteworthy. 

According to the reviews of the argan mask, some people who used it said that after the second use it left their hair dry or crunchy. I have only used it once so I will  have an update in a few weeks after a few uses, or maybe sooner if I experience anything different.

I did not add anything to these two masks because I wanted to see how they did on their own. Although they both were heavy, neither one of them weighed down my fine hair nor did it make my hair oily. I loved the Macadamia one so much that I went back to sally's and purchased two more, for a total of three. The  Serum was ok  and a possible repurchase, but the serum was not my focus. I look forward to reading reviews about the shampoo and conditioner, although I'm not in any need of some. I'd love to know how hydrating they are. The are pretty pricey and the bottles are somewhat on the small side. If they were miracles, then maybe. Otherwise I'm sticking with my renpure Argan line for shampoo and condish for now.

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