Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Organix Review, Hydrating vs Moisturizing, & Cowashing away the Stress


So about that Teatree mint update: I co washed my hair with it after prepooing again and I liked it a lot- I do not Love it, but I do like it. The smell is just so awesome and this does not dry out my hair or anything, so I can see it being a definite repurchase, but nothing close to the top of my  list. It's hydrating, not moisturizing. 
*Skip to the bottom of the page for the organix awapuhi conditioner review only.

So what's really the difference between the two? Moisturizing is creating a barrier to prevent water loss,  while hydrating is  binding water to something like a humectant and keeping in ( on our skin or the hair strand). SO,  with that said, although it is not drying, I  only mean that I still need to add moisture to my hair after this ( it doesn't literally feel like it deposited water into my hair). This means that after I cowash with the Teatree Mint condish I cannot just add some oils  to my partially air dried  hair and go- I need to be sure to add my leave-ins and then my oils on top of it to make sure my hair stays soft and moisturized.

Still confused? Think about it like this:
Drinking water helps your body stay hydrated, and helps the body and hair better absorb vitamins. Think Hydrated-Hydro- water. you can also read this incredible article on hair and water here.

Hydrated= fertilizing your body with water ( or the roots) so that your hair ( the plants) will grow
Moisturizing= adding moisture will keep the hair supple and shiny
Sealing= sealing with an oil will ensure the moisture does not escape, but that the mositure stays bound to the hair.

So lately I've been a little bombarded- I mean, you know when life gets the best of you, but you know you have so much to be appreciative for, but you just wanna sulk in your misery,  but you have so many blessings surrounding you that you'd feel ungrateful to allow such nonsensical frivolity to disturb even a second of your purpose-driven life? well, yeah, that's me at the moment. I have so much going on at the moment. I no longer experience stress the way I used to, with extreme bouts of anxiety and hyperventilating, accompanied by extreme migraines and longs spans of not eating with a constant sense of fear of the unknown. Now, instead,  I experience stress in  my  neck, shoulders, hands, and feet that ache and are extremely tensed.  If I don't correlate the two, I may not even be aware that I am stressed, but will just excuse these symptoms as a lack of exercise, or old age approaching .

 The first thing I do to alleviate this is take a shower and cowash my hair! I feel like I do cowash frequently, especially recently. Too much cowashing can lead to hygral fatique, but stay tuned for an upcoming post on  how I combat or retard this happening.  When I'm stressed cowashing my hair helps melt away the tension. It allows me to stretch in the shower, and refreshes me. It also helps me to refocus and melts my limbs, making them more flexible during exercise stretching post exercise. Other ways to help me wind down and to alleviate my body feeling a state of tension is to give a self message and to mediate.

shampoo for hairMy first stress relief step ( cowashing) was accomplished by the awupuhi condish. I didn't prepoo with coconut oil this time because my hair had so many oils in it already. I was afraid I would not like this scent, being that it seems a bit overwhelming when sniffed from the container. But to my liking I found it to be very sweet and subtle  I was  at how surprised to see how fast this squirted out of the container. It was creamy, a tad bit looser than the macadamia nut version, and gave lots of slip, making coverage and detangling a breeze. This also meant that I did not need to use much product. I let this sit for about 10 minutes and when I rinsed I fell in love...yes, again! This was only the first time I used it but my gosh I like it better than the macadamia nut!  It will definitely last longer since it gives more slip and less in needed to spread it.It was mega moisturizing. 
 I used the dry styling oil ( what a misnomer because had I not read the packing that it can be used on wet hair, I would not have purchased it  thinking it was for dry hair only) on my damp hair and it did a decent job sealing in the moisture and keeping the hair soft. I have to be careful with this because too much comes out of the container at once. It is thick and clear, just like  a serum, but the bottle hole is rather large for the amount that comes out once the bottle is squeezed. This is not s problem, just something to note if you see this as a future purchase. The smell was identical to the conditioner , and neither one of them lingered too much. I believe this is just perfect when you have  products from the same line that smell alike,  transports you in the shower, and lingers ( sometimes) slightly or not at all, as not to annoy me entire day.

I really cannot wait to cowash my hair again! Two thums up for my first experience with awapuhi!

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