Monday, October 29, 2012

Organix Teatree Mint Conditioner Quick Review

I needed to purchase more Organix Macadamia Nut Conditioner and the store was sold out. They did have the Awapuhi Line, so I purchased this and the Teatree Mint conditioner. I'm not too into anything that smells like mint, except for Trader Joe's Tea tree and mint, but when I smelled this I was absolutely taken away. This smelled so attractive and refreshing. Normally I would not have grabbed for this but I was looking for something from the Organix line that would be just as moisturizing as the Macadamia condish.

The reviews on this conditioner were so mixed- bottom line is you either hate it or love it. What I noted was that it was more moisturizing on natural or relaxed African hair, although there were some reviews from AA ladies that did not like it. 

I prepooed with coconut oil for a few hours before the cowash. My gosh this condish is THICK. I mean, thicker than any other deep condish I've ever used! I can foresee it being a definite problem getting the last bit out of the container. I could add water to it and thin it out a bit.

At first it seemed to coat my hair, maybe because of the coconut oil I had in it. But then it quickly rinsed away. My strands kind of stuck together a bit but my hair went back to normal after an ACV rinse. This condish was thick but did not have slip. It was hydrating but because there was not slip it can leave the impression that it did not moisturize. 
***Update*** this condish does offer slip!!!!

So far so good. I will use it again today to see if it yields the same results. 

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