Sunday, October 14, 2012

next day update: shea moisture thickening growth milk

Today when I unwrapped my hair it was silky smooth, light, thicker, and full of moisture. I almost wanted to say it was weighed down, but I couldn't. I'm not sure if this product works that fast, but I could have sworn my hair feels a bit thicker/fuller.

This thick feeling makes me raise an eyebrow as to whether this growth milk makes my hair feel thicker, or does it actually thicken up the hair...Only time will tell.  In the meantime I really like this light-weight potion for my fine tresses. The smell did not stay. It was there somewhat, but nothing my nose could unwillingly smell. I would have to touch my hair and pull it toward my face to smell any trace of the product. And this is just fine.

 I had so much moisture that I did not need to re- moisturize this evening. I was able to wrap my hair and tie it up into the scarf as if it was freshly moisturized. So far I am liking this product- A lot. I can't wait to see how it really treats my new growth in a couple of weeks. Although I like this stuff, I cannot see it  replacing my cantu shea coconut curling cream. That stuff if just awesome hands down. It seems, thought, that each of these hair moisturizers serve a particular purpose and one may not replace the other. I can use the thickening milk just after a texlax, and the CCC on wild new growth. What I also like about the CCC is that the entire family uses it and it works lovely paired with the amla oil. The smell is a bit off with the aroma of the smoke-nut oil, coupled with the tropical scent of sweet coconuts, but it isn't nauseating so I let it be.

What takes the cake about this thickening growth milk is that it hydrates my ends so well that it looks as if I flat ironed them. Now this is a huge plus since this means less smoothing and manipulation during the air drying process.

I was really looking forward to  setting my hair with some flexi rods for some partially defined curls but tonight I took on the challenge of flat ironing my 3 year old's waist length hair for the first time-Please don't ask what made me do this, but it's done and I will blog about it shortly.  I wanted to determine of the growth oil will make my hair too limp to even hold a curl.

*update* So it's been two nights and a morning ( right now as type) and I can feel my hair still needs no moisture- this is really nice! I did spritz it a bit yesterday with some rose water when putting it up in a style, but that's it. All I can say is..Wow

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